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Rules & Regulations

  1. The students are directly under the control and direction of the Principal of the school of nursing.
  2. All the students have to reside in the ‘Nurses Hostel’ provided by the hospital (Hostel rules will be given upon admission to the hostel). Ragging is strictly prohibited.
  3. Students are expected to comply with the rules and regulations of the School, the hostel and the Hospital, subjects to change from time to time.
  4. The student’s performance is evaluated periodically, especially before promotion or appearance for State Board Examination. Students, whose conduct, attendance or performance in theory or clinical field is found not satisfactory, will not be allowed to attend the Board examination. The school authority reserves the right to promote or terminate a student, based on their performance.
  5. The students will appear for the examinations conducted by the U.P. State Medical Faculty, at the end of each year. For the State Board Examinations, students must complete the requirements given by the council and must obtain a minimum of 50% marks in the Internal Examination. Candidates who fail in any these will be detained from the Board examiantion to join the next junior group, then she has to repeat the year for which she will be charged in the school and hostel as per rules. 25% of the total marks for each subject under study is allotted to the internal assessment tests and assignments and 75% marks to the Board Examination.
  6. Any student failing  more than twice in any of the examinations or in her clinical performance will be advised to leave the school.
  7. No certificate will be issued until all dues to the institution have been paid.
  8. All Students must wear the prescribed uniform of the hospital, while they are on duty.
  9. Students should be courteous and considerate to the patients, visitors, the public, authorities, co-workers and subordinates. They should impart compassionate love through their words and deeds and provide quality service. Students shall maintain a high standard of conduct.
  10. Students abstaining from duty or from hostel without prior permission from the principal or her deputies will be guilty of misconduct.
  11. Visiting the students:- Students will be allowed to meet visitors on the First Sunday or each month in the First year, Second Sunday of the month in the second year, Third Sunday of the month in 3rd year, 4th Sunday in internship. Only those visitors approved by the parents will be allowed to meet them. When you want an exception from this, please discuss with principal before you came. Taking visitors to the rooms or any other section of the hostel is considered a serious offence, and will be dealt with accordingly.
  12. Visiting hours is from 10.00 A.M. to 3.00 P.M. in P.T.S. period on Off days, from 1.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M. after that. Visitors during working day and duty hours are strictly forbidden.
  13. Phone calls: Phone calls to students are entertained only between 5:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. in weekdays and 2:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. on Sundays. Specific days are kept for each year students, for the convenience to get phone call to all. Birthdays and Festival days are exempted. No phone calls will be entertained during the preparatory and examination days. Ph. No. 7703001495.
  14. Students are not allowed to keep mobile phones either in school or hospital. If you want to contact the Principal, Ph. No. 8960622634. E-mail ID of the School- Fatima.nursing_lko@yahoo.in
  15. Students are allowed to have one month holidays plus 10 days sick leave per year. The annual leave is arranged by the school at such time as convenient in keeping with the requirements of the course. The leave period cannot be altered for individual students. Any student having more than 10 days shortage of attendance must make up in the current year itself before Board examination commences. Others who have to take long sick leave will have to either join supplementary batch or join the next session. No Special leave will be granted for functions, wedding, retreats etc.
  16. Religious sisters are expected to make their retreat during their annual leave. No other special leave will be granted for this purpose. Permission to visit relatives should be obtained from the concerned superior. Sisters will not be allowed to go for their vows renewal and triennial vows during the course of study. Academic Year Plan will be displayed in advance on notice board.
  17. Students should have medical examination every year, if a student is found medically unfit, she will be required to leave. All medical expenses must be met by the student. Any student suffering from a serious illness requiring long rest is send home for recuperation. In case of need, the student period may be extended to another academic year.
  18. Students will be dismissed, at any time, for misconduct, disobedience, inefficiency or repeated serious negligence of duty.
  19. Students are forbidden to accept gift or hospitality of any kind from patients or their attendance.
  20. Students may not collect any money for treat, get together and even for charitable purpose without sanction of the principal.
  21. Students will be asked to replace or compensate for loss or damage caused to equipments.
  22. Students shall not bring any jewellery, except a pair of small ear studs for use. The institution takes no responsibility for the theft or loss any personal articles or money of the students. Students will be given a small cupboard which she can lock and keep the key with her.
  23. Marriage is not allowed during the student period.
  24. A copy of curriculum, rules and regulations for the course can be obtained from the office after admission on payment of Rs. 30/-.

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