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Provincial Superior

"As long as you did it to the least of my brethern you did it to me (Mt. 25:40), is the inspirational force for us to reach out to our sick and suffering brethren. Medical Sisters of St. Joseph is a religious congregation founded by Servant of God, Msgr. Jospeh C. Panjikaran in Kerela in 1944, to reach out to the sick, to bring about healing and wholeness. "By our work they shall know our Master, and we shall continue our labour of service looking at the crucified master." was the instruction of our beloved founder. According to him medical mission is the gospel in action. He also told us to be angels of consolation among the sick humanity. We follow the footsteps of Jesus to become Angels of Consolation to the sick and suffering by our very presence and compassionate care. Our founder father envisioned to reach through the body to the soul and bring in total healing of the person.

SR. Lilly, MSJ                                
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